4-step consultation

When we see you for a consultation, it is because you have chosen to do so as private patient. As the pain clinic is privately owned you do not need a referral, and it is you or your health insurance that will pay for your consultations.

However, we do require that you get an assessment from a relevant specialist or you own doctor. We encourage you to bring any relevant medical records at you initial consultation at Clinic Horsted. The treatment course will start with a conversation with one of our medical secretaries who will manage all practical issues for all further procedures at the pain clinic.

Your initial consultation

When you arrive for your initial consultation, you will see a specialist who will be attentive and respectful to you, your history and your condition. We use the consultation to identify the correct treatment method for you specifically. If we think that medicinal cannabis or cannabis-based medicine is the right thing for you, we will inform you about the following:

  • The effect you should expect to get for your specific condition
  • The therapeutic effect that medicinal cannabis or cannabis-based medicine has
  • The type of cannabis and the type of cannabis-based product we will recommend for you
  • How you should administer your cannabis-based product safely and effectively
  • Where you would like to pick up your prescription cannabis medicine
  • How your treatment course will be

At Clinic Horsted you can expect that you and your wishes will be heard and respected. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to counsel you, so we can work together and find the treatment with the best match for your wishes and everyday life. Our goal is to relieve your pain, improve your functional level, and improve your quality of life.

Practical information for you and your relatives

Clinic Horsted is a small pain clinic with a large patient volume. All members of staff strive to maintain the daily patient schedule. We prepare individual treatment plans and always seek to fulfil the needs of our patients and their relatives. When working with people, unexpected and acute situations can occur, and we therefore ask you for your understanding if occasionally you should experience delays.

Please remember to cancel your appointment

If you cannot make your appointment, please cancel it by contacting the pain clinic at least 24 hours in advance. In case of late cancellation or if you fail to attend you appointment, we will have to charge you a fee equal to the full amount (DKK 1,850) of the consultation. This fee should be paid via Mobilepay or by cash at the clinic. If the cancellation fee is not paid, we will discontinue your treatment course. 

Relatives are more than welcome

At Clinic Horsted, you are welcome to bring your relatives. Despite the small size and limited capacity of our pain clinic, we know that relatives play a significant role during the course of illness and treatment.

Mutual respect during the treatment course 

Treatment of pain and symptoms is a cooperation between patient and practitioner. At our clinic, we encourage mutual respect and considerate behaviour towards everyone at the pain clinic. Therefore, to avoid disturbing the practitioners and other patients, we ask you to turn off your mobile phone or muting it. For the consideration of other patients, we also ask that you keep your voice low.