About Tina Horsted

When you choose the physician who will work with you to relieve your pain, we, at Clinic Horsted ensure that the professional expertise is of the best quality. Tina Horsted is among the leading pain physicians in Denmark who offer treatment with medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine.

At Clinic Horsted we work hard to actively widen the use of pain management with medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine in Denmark. We advocate sharing our findings in this field, from our providers and patients alike. At Clinic Horsted we believe that a treatment which has proven to provide pain relief and an improved quality of life for our patients deserves more exposure.

More than 30 years of experience

Tina Horsted has more than 30 years of experience with treatment of patients. Beginning with 10 years as a general nurse and anaesthetic nurse, then 20 years as a physician, head and specialist physician, and she has a diploma degree in pain management. Tina Horsted has worked at hospitals in the Copenhagen area and as head physician in both Sweden and Norway. She has taught both physicians and nurses, been a mentor for staff physicians, and held lectures at medical courses and medical congresses in Denmark and abroad.

In addition to the above experience, Tina Horsted has acted as head physician responsible for education and research, been in charge of quality assurance projects and regularly published scientific articles.

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