Clinic Horsted has private pain clinics in Copenhagen and Kolding where we offer treatment with medicinal cannabis.

Our pain clinic have extensive experience and success with treatment of pain with medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine. We listen and guide you according to your wishes, so you can take control over your pain.

First consultation DKK 1,495. Follow-up DKK 795.

COC-patient first consultation DKK 2,795. Follow-up DKK 1,495.

✓ No referral ✓ Competitive rates ✓ Minimum waiting time

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6 facts about cannabis-based medicine and medicinal cannabis

  • The relieving effects of medicinal cannabis

    Medicinal cannabis has been used as medicine for more than 5000 years and has only been prohibited for about 50 years. Medicinal cannabis is especially effective against nerve pain, loss of appetite and nausea in connections with chemotherapy, radiation therapy in cancer diseases, painful muscle spasms in sclerosis patients and patients with sleep disorders.

  • Can medicinal cannabis replace my other pain medication?

    When you start on medicinal cannabis and/or cannabis-based medicine, you should continue on your other pain medication. At your 2nd visit at Clinic Horsted your cannabis treatment is evaluated, and we will decide whether to reduce or taper your current pain medication.

  • Is cannabis legal in Denmark?

    Medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine are legal, if they are prescribed to you by a doctor. Cannabis with THC, which is not bought with a prescription at a pharmacy, does not qualify as being legal.

  • How can I get cannabis-based medicine?

    Your pain condition should be assessed by a specialist or you own doctor. You do not need a referral to be a patient at Clinic Horsted, as we are a privately owned clinic, and it is you or your health insurance that will pay for your consultations. Please bring any relevant medical records at you initial consultation at Clinic Horsted.

  • Are there side effects with medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine?

    All types of medicine have side effects – also medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine. You can find more information about this here.

  • What is the difference between medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine?

    Medicinal cannabis is terminal buds from the cannabis plant. Cannabis-based medicine is capsules or oils containing the active substances from the cannabis plant; THC and CBD.

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