Medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based products

At Clinic Horsted we only use the best quality products and the most potent plants, so we can provide the best treatment to our patients. We only have focus on Cannabis Sativa L and Indica, which are produced and processed for medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine.

As our patient, we provide you with thorough information about the following:

  • Precisely what your specific medicinal product contains
  • Which dose your should take of your medicinal product
  • How strong your medicinal product is
  • The side effects that on rare occasions can occur

We offer following medicinal products to our patients:

  • Cannabis oils
  • Cannabis capsules
  • Cannabis terminal buds
  • Nabilone
  • Marinol

As this market is not yet regulated, there are several opportunistic products, typically produced by the hemp industry, among others.

They are characterised by low/poor effect and have unknown side effects as the content has not been tested.

Naturally, we do not offer these types of products.