The road to making medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine available in Denmark

Cannabis-based medicine and medicinal cannabis are safe alternatives for pain treatment. For this reason, Clinic Horsted has been working persistently to offer this treatment method to all patients who could benefit from this type of medicine. We will continue this work.

It is fortunate that medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine are now finally available in Denmark. Initially, it will be a 4-year pilot programme starting January 1st, 2018.

The pilot programme will create the framework in terms of safety for the use of cannabis-based medicine and medicinal cannabis within the Danish healthcare system. This means that physicians are now able to treat patients with both cannabis-containing products that are not approved as pharmaceutical products and with cannabis that are magistrally prepared by pharmacies. This also means that the requirements to the quality of cannabis products have increased. Regulations for submitting data, such as suspected side effects, will also be implemented later on. To prepare for this at Clinic Horsted, we have been collecting data continuously of the more than 1,000 patients we have treated with cannabis-based products and medicinal cannabis.

Most physicians do not yet have experience with the cannabis-based medical products, as these are not approved pharmaceuticals, and the pharmaceutical industry has not provided any information on the subject.

Our goal is to contribute to a successful pilot programme – and it will be our pleasure to do so.