Treatment safety and quality

At Clinic Horsted we have extensive experience and success with treatment of pain with medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine. Since 2016, our specialists have treated more than 5,000 patients in Denmark. We have followed the legal procedure for prescribing cannabis-based medicine as magistral pharmaceuticals.

A magistral pharmaceutical is prepared in a pharmacy for the individual patients after being prescribed by a doctor. The prescribing doctor assumes full responsibility. And we do that – and we have treated all the patients in Denmark with a very high rate of success, which is close to 70%. Furthermore, our patients have had almost no side effects from the magistral pharmaceuticals, and the times these occurred, they were few and moderate.

Our history of successful treatment with medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based medicine includes patients with chronic pain due to failed surgery and permanent complications after surgery (such as spinal surgery, artificial joints, hernia), ALS, sclerosis, Parkinson’s, migraine, cancer, trigeminal nerve, fibromyalgia, spinal cord injury and arthritis. Most of our patients receive magistral pharmaceuticals made specifically for them at the pharmacy Gentofte Apotek